Future classes may be offered . For more information, call the instructor, Jeff Cahill, at 719-687-1849. A one day brush lettering class was held on Saturday, April 30, 2011 at Rock Ledge Ranch, Colorado Springs, CO.

Since we'll be working in close quarters, please be considerate of those folks with sensitivities to colognes and perfumes by NOT wearing any to the workshop.

The class includes a general overview of brush lettering techniques, materials and support, especially for the novice. Forty years of sign-lettering, striping and design expertise condensed into a few hours of hands-on instruction! Make sure to click here to see a PDF with a materials list, syllabus, instructions and more complete instructor biography.

All class materials included (except lunch & snacks), but please bring 2 minimum, (3-4 ideal), emptied “single-serving” tin cans from fruits or vegetables to hold and mix paint. If “pull-tab” variety, DO NOT pull the tab. Open with a can opener from the bottom side. Empty contents, clean them and remove labels. If you have access to small, empty baby food glass jars with lids, bring those as well.

To see more of Jeff's work, visit

Brush Lettering Workshop Class Description:

Jeff Cahill, the instructor of this brush-lettering class, is a 40 year veteran of the ”hand-lettering” trade. Dubbed as SIGN PAINTERS for generations, Jeff is now reaching-out to those who have seen him demonstrate his skills at The Holly Berry Crafts festival, and is responding to those who have enquired “If there were any classes available”?

As a result, classes will be offered (providing there’s good attendance). This will be a condensed PRIMER to give as thorough as possible, a general overview of techniques, materials and support, especially for the novice. (Please see the accompanying syllabus and materials list). Follow-up or advanced classes will certainly be considered if requested or if the interest is apparent..

Why learn a vanishing craft? As with other crafts that have fallen out of favor with modernity or have practically gone extinct, it bears repeating the motto of the Ranch; “Preserving the past for the future”. As with the age-old apprenticeship practices, learning a trade or craft by observing and being close to the skills of a resident master is invaluable.

Many elements of the brush lettering skill-set are extremely difficult to learn strictly from a book or a video. Anyone who can master the techniques of this dying skill would be well-positioned to take advantage of their newly acquired knowledge. Jeff is still sought after to do exactly what this class will teach, but in time, there will be fewer in his generation to satisfy the demand.

History has consistently shown us the cycles that often time come full-circle. A current day student could find themselves well-placed if and when a future demand for this hand craftsmanship resurfaces. Additionally, hand painted craft-pieces frequently require the hand of a skilled painter and adding these particular lettering brush techniques to one’s abilities can only add to a crafter’s marketability.

Students need to bring their own snacks, drinks and lunch. Restroom facilities are close by. Comfortable shoes are suggested as most of the day will be spent standing at the easel.

This will be a hands-on, total immersion workshop. Please wear old clothes that could become permanently soiled from the solvent based paints. Aprons are also recommended. Nitrile gloves will be available for your use. Students with aversions to lacquer thinners and enamel fumes need to bring their own respirators or avoid the offensive odors. This will be a non smoking venue.